Pictured below; The Cajun Rocket Pot 100 Gallon Super Hi Performance, 750,000 BTU Commercial Boiling System
Coming this summer and taking orders soon for our new 2017-2018: 50, 60, 100 & 250 gallon Commercial Boiling Systems by Cajun Rocket Pot. 

We will NOT be taking any orders or answering questions about these new products until June 2017. We have tested our new products in the 2016-2017 season in restaurants with natural gas systems for inside boiling with excellent results, and our propane systems for outside shed boiling and outside catering with outstanding results. 

On Easter Saturday, we boiled in our 3-tier 60 gallon boiling system and boiled 1,500 hundred pounds or 40 sacks of crawfish. (Each sack weighed about 35 lbs. per bag.) We cooked all the crawfish in less than 3 hours and only used an estimated 5-7 pounds of propane to complete the boil. 

We cook...HOTTER...FASTER...BETTER... using our Cajun Rocket Pot technology to get these types of results. This system can be used for shrimp, crabs, all types of seafood and other food products you are boiling and/or steaming. 

If you are interested in more information in the near future, please email; chef.quinnspeck@gmail.com 
DO NOT CALL ABOUT these PRODUCT'S, we are NOT quoting prices or answering questions until the products information is released...All emails inquires will be answered in order they are received. Please include your name, full address, email, phone number, and the best time to reach you and your estimated budget. The pricing will range from about $1,695.00... upwards based on model size and features you request. Thank you and good cookin', 

Chef Quinn Speck
Cajun Rocket Pots